NPC, This haunted fairy seems unable to find peace of mind.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race/Species: Fairy
Class: Unknown
Gender: Male
Homeland: Darkmoon Vale
Organization: Unknown


Forced to flee from his home by a bringer of the unnatural, having been mentally scarred by the encounter he searched for refuge amongst a patch of Mushrooms on the trunk of a Darkwood tree. Down on his luck Nixx scavenged for food where he could find it, he thought it was his lucky day when he spotted a group of travelers in the woods passing under his tree. One of them set a trap with a gold coin in it! He knew his fortunes had changed when he managed to snatch the coin out of the amateur trap. He then quickly flew back to his lair to stash his new found treasure. Curious if they would being handing out treasure he searched for the group once again.



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